The R-APDRP Project

The Ministry of Power, Government of India, has launched the Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP)in 2002-03 as a Central Structure Scheme. The R-APDRP primarily aims at reducing Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT&C) losses below 15% in targeted areas. The GIS System and GIS data comprising asset and consumer details shall form the foundation for all entire IT enablement, envisaged under the R-APDRP projects and other subsequent projects. It is understood that 80% of the AT&C losses are incurred at the Distribution front.

Project is primarily divided into two parts:

Part A: includes projects for establishing baseline data and IT applications for energy accounting/ auditing and IT based consumer service centers etc for towns with a population of more than 30,000 (10,000) in case of special category states. The scheme involves implementation of:

  • GIS based Consumer indexing and asset mapping
  • Meter data acquisition system (MADS) for distribution
  • SCADA in big towns and cities
  • Energy accounting and auditing
  • Establishment of Baseline Data
  • IT applications to run business processes that address consumer grievances and integrate meter reading, billing and collection.

Part - B: It covers the strengthening, improvement and augmentation of the distribution system. This involves:

  • Identification of high loss areas
  • Preparation of investment plans for the areas identified above
  • Implementation of plan
  • Monitoring of losses


Under the R-APDRP, PuVVNL has engaged HCL Technologies Ltd. Incremental Data Incorporation into Centralized Geo-database. HCL has been working on this application for the last three years and have implemented MDAS, Oracle application, mapping of assets and consumer indexing. The data has been found insufficient to generate MIS reports due to lack of accurate and timely updations over the period of time.

AO Tech Pvt. Ltd. will take on the assignment for the 10 Pilot Towns based on the concept of 11Kv Feeder as profit Centre based on the principle of “Total Energy Accounting” where energy received in each 11 Kv sub-station and 11Kv outgoing feeders, energy billed, and T&D losses at each feeder shall be properly accounted for.

AO Tech Pvt. Ltd. Will be revalidating the entire data and updating the records as per the data made available during the field survey that will be conducted as part of the project to bring AT&C losses will be brought down by 20% from the current base line figures as provided to us by PuVVNL for the 10 Pilot towns. We will take all the stakeholders into confidence and the activity as envisaged shall be conducted with the support and guidance of all concerned.