AT & C Loss


1. Details of Methodology/Approach (Project Management Activities)

Objective: To reduce the Baseline AT&C losses of by 20% on the data as provided by PuVVNL in a period of 6 months of the 10 pilot towns:

Detailed Methodology:

  1. Collect the data available with PuVVNL with regards to the ten pilot towns towards
    • Electrical assets like Sub Stations, Feeders, Distribution transformers, poles, overhead lines and underground cables town wise with their current location (Physical location) with their GIS co-ordinates.
    • Customer data base
    • Baseline AT&C loss data
  2. Make a comprehensive study of the methodology/practices and the IT enablers currently adopted by PuVVNL towards maintaining of the data in the system and its operational implications.
  3. Analysis and validation of the asset data base with the records as maintained towards:
    • Fresh purchases/allocations made to the pilot towns of the assets in the last 3 years.
    • Assets written off by the town location/s in the last 3 years.
    • Any other additions/deletions in the data on case to case basis.
  4. In-depth study of the various reports provided by on various parameters and their inter linkages with the end user being the consumer.
  5. Analyze the consumer data of with the other available sources from other verified agencies/sources like the electoral rolls, municipal/ration card records/data from various LPG distributers supplying to the sample towns.
  6. Make a detailed analysis of the process adopted and the documentation required towards on boarding a new consumer into the system (depending on various load/s and the approving authority/ies) involved in the process.
  7. Make a detailed analysis of the process adopted and the documentation required towards de boarding an old consumer from the system (depending on various load/s and the approving authority/ies) involved in the process.
  8. Asset reallocation and the process adopted in the system towards the same.
  9. Cross verify and analyze the discrepancies arrived at (if any) as per S.No.3.

2. Illustrative Step Wise Process and Deliverables

We shall depute a team of professionals with GPS enabled handsets to take on the exercise of verification of network assets and individual consumers on the network/data. The GPS devices will record and capture the Latitude and longitude of all electrical assets and consumers. Data collected through the field survey would be overlaid on the Geo-referenced database. The comprehensive list of all attributes for the network assets as also of the consumer data will be collated as per scope of work.

The field team will also be instructed to identity and bring on board the network/assets deployed but not updated to the network system. The field exercise would also involve the on-boarding of new connections/ consumers that will get added on to the network by way of the field exercise.

Sample quality checking of the field data so collected may be done by the personal as authorized by PuVVNL on a periodicity as mutually agreed.

We shall periodically submit/share the reports as listed below as per timelines agreed upon. The same are detailed hereunder:
  • Develop database of electrical network from 33kV to LT system with related parameters of lines, sub Stations and Distribution transformers. The following report towards Asset Mapping as per below format shall be provided monthly/bi-monthly basis:
  • We are also creating mass awareness and for the same we are providing T-shirts (With message of awareness programme),Pamphlets,Brouchers and Video shoots for this program and for department benefits we are doing survey with the required basics.